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  • The Right Way to Break free from Debt

    The Right Way to Break free from Debt

    Have you already experienced being overwhelmed by the burden of having debt? If yes, then probably, you have already felt that choking, suffocating feeling that many people experience. According to the founder of Your Best Mindset, Jim Brown, “Debt is a pervasively significant stressor with household debt in the U.S. recently reaching record levels surpassing $14 trillion.” When the COVID 19 pandemic surge came, many good businesses failed; many companies closed and many people became in debt. Try to imagine this: You have a comfortable 25-year career at a corporation. And then one day, your boss walks up to you

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  • What is Debt Consolidation?

    What is Debt Consolidation?

    Debt consolidation is the process of combining your loans into a single product with a lower interest rate. Personal loans and credit cards with 0% interest balance transfers are common debt consolidation strategies.

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