How it Works

If you struggle with debt, you may feel that no matter how hard you try, your financial situation is just not changing.

We are here to assist you in taking back control of your lives by becoming debt free. Debt Aid Consulting will negotiate with your creditors in order to find a settlement for your unsecured debts.  Becoming debt free is to become stress free.


Get out of debt in just 5 steps

We assure confidentiality and are here throughout your journey.

Get in touch with us

by scanning the QR Code below.

We understand that making the commitment in wanting to be rid of over whelming debts is the biggest step. We assure confidentiality and we are here for you throughout your journey.

Let’s assess your situation

We’ll listen to you and go over your current financial situation. We will create a budget for you to work with your program payments and make it affordable so you can be debt free in 18 to 36 months.

We take charge

A dedicated Client Care Specialist will guide you throughout the whole program.

We execute

Once funds are accumulated, we start the negotiation process.


Enjoy life after debt!

The program is NOT a safe haven for people who cannot pay their debts.

It is also not an overnight solution.

Debt Aid Consulting International