Our Services

For U.S. Residents

Attorney Assisted Debt Mediation Programs

Our Attorney Assisted Performance Program will help you get out of debt faster while lowering the monthly payments due.  You will have legal assistance at your side.

Credit Cards

Most credit cards accepted.

Federal Credit Unions and Military Credit Union Debts

We have programs for clients with Federal or Military Credit Unions on case-by-case basis.

Student Loans/Federal Student Loan Consolidation

We are able to help those in hardship with Federal and other types of Student Loans.


If you have abandoned Timeshares, we can help.


We have programs which address creditor summons served.


We are able to take judgments on a case-by-case basis.

Personal Loans and Payday Loans

We can help in your high Interest Personal loans and payday loans.

IRS/State Tax Resolution

Your situations regarding unresolved taxes with either IRS and State will be negotiated by our tax attorneys and enrolled agents with the governing agencies.

Income Tax Returns Preparation

Income Tax Returns prepared by certified professionals.

Bankruptcy Service Program

Once we have exhausted all possibilities of resolution and having been able to analyze your situation, it may come to the point where bankruptcy is the only option. We can process and refer you to an attorney close to your work or residence to assist in getting you through this process.

Our Services

For Canada Residents

Insolvency Support

This insolvency program will enable clients to get out of debt by utilizing our expertise in negotiating with the creditors while lowering the monthly payments.

We can include: Credit Cards, Unsecured Loans, Credit Unions, Canada Revenue Debts, Private Student Loans, Timeshares, Student loans with Trade Schools, Hospital Bills, Unpaid, Utilities, Payday Loans/Quick Cash Loans


For clients who have been served with legal documents, we are here to help.

Consumer Proposal

For clients who cannot take advantage of the debt mediation program.

Bankruptcy Service

We can file your bankruptcy for you.

Canada Revenue Program

If you have back tax issues, we have the attorneys to take care of it.

Our Services

For Philippine Residents

Debt Settlement (with Credit Harassment Defense)

Unsecured Personal Loans, Credit Cards and Repossessed Vehicles are among the items we can reduce for clients.

Our program offers a solution to settle your debts and protect you from credit harassment.

We understand that dealing with debt can be stressful and overwhelming, especially when creditors are constantly calling and sending threatening letters. That’s why our program includes credit harassment defense to put an end to the harassment and give you peace of mind.

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