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Success Debt-Free Stories

Debt Aid Consulting is very professional in assisting me when I was their client way back in 2016. They are truly dedicated to helping people like me who can’t even breathe anymore with the debts I was living before. I am very comfortable, and confident and believed that they are taking my case. I only knew them on TFC ads, after I was handled by another debt relief company. I wish I knew Debt Aid Consulting earlier. With the help and support of Debt Aid Consulting, I now live a debt-free life, and my credit score is back on the right track. Thank you Ben and to your staff. Surely, I will be recommending Debt Aid Consulting to people I know who had the same problem. I also called last week and talked to Buenafe. I asked her how can I help my brother who had a stroke last year and can not pay his bills and is now in Collections. I was granted Guardianship by the State of California to attend to his personal affairs including his debts. My brother could not speak for himself and was paralyzed on the right side of his body. She suggested I can file Bankruptcy for him at the County. If I didn’t call Debt Aid Consulting, I will not be able to know what should I do next. I want to thank Debt Aid Consulting for the information she provided me. I am also glad that Debt Aid Consulting is now available internationally. Good to know.

Lilian M.
Debt free since 2020

I highly recommend this company, they are really helpful and explained everything. Especially the case of my mom, she has ******** and then this COVID 19 pandemic, so we didn’t expect this thing to happen that’s why we didn’t hesitate to call this company and asked for help and Debt Aid Consulting is the one who helps us and they explained everything to my mom and they gave my mom a relieve, also every time we have a question they didn’t hesitate to answer the call. Excellent customer service and Professional, they really know what they are doing. Thank you and God bless!

Debt free since 2020

I had financial difficulty last year due to unexpected circumstances, which led me to loan in an Online Lending Application. At first it was fine, but the moment you missed your due date, you will have big penalty aside from the charges upon loan disbursement. I have found myself being harassed by the Lending Company’s agents via texts, emails, several phone calls every single day. I even received threats and all kinds of harassments until I got anxious and depressed. Thank you to Debt Financial Aid for helping me settle my debts through payment arrangement they mediated for me. All harassment calls were limited to none and I slowly got back on track. Thank you for making me feel secure and giving back my peace of mind. I recommend this company if you are struggling to pay off your debts and experiencing harassments with any lending companies.

Debt free since 2022

Absolutely wonderful experience working with Debt Aid Consulting. The light at the end of the tunnel has come. A completely euphoric feeling to actually be debt free. I can’t say enough, these employees, these caring people, worked closely with me for the best possible outcome. I am truly satisfied. Every transaction was laid out clearly for me to understand. I am happy and satisfied, thank you Debt Aid Consulting.

Catherine G.
Debt Free since 2020
Debt Aid Consulting International