Struggling To Pay Your Debts?

Discover How You Can Be Debt-Free And Start Saving Money For Your Future! reducing your debts thru Debt Mediation Program with Debt Aid Consulting.


What they say

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Debt Aid handle all my accounts successfully. They are focused on solving the problem and they did a great job. Client care are very calm and supportive. Thanks Debt Aid Consulting. I will recommend Debt Aid to my friends who suffer from financial hardships.

Evelyn M - Debt Free Since 2022
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Ben Lou and his staff are very professionals in assisting me when I was their client way back in 2016. He is truly a dedicated person to people like me who can’t even breath anymore with the debts I was living before. I am very comfortable, confident and believed on him and his staff in taking my case. I only knew Ben Lou on TFC ads, after I was enrolled by other debt relief company. I wish I knew him earlier. With the help and support of Debt Aid Consulting, I now live on a debt free life, and my credit score is back on the right track. Thank you Ben Lou and staff. Surely, I will be recommending Debt Aid Consulting to people I know who had the same problem. I also called last week and talked to my Debt Aid Client Care Specialist. I asked her on how can I help my brother who had a stroke last year and can not pay his bills and now on Collections. I was granted Guardianship by the State of California to attend to his personal affairs including his debts. My brother could not speak for himself, and paralyzed on the right side of his body. ** suggested i can file Bankruptcy for him at the County. If I didn’t call Debt Aid Consulting, I will not be able to know what should I do next. I want to thank Debt Aid for the information you provided me. I am also glad that Debt Aid Consulting is now available international. Good to know.

Lilian M - Debt Free Since 2020

How You Can Benefit from a Debt Mediation Program

Let us help you understand how this program works and experience the 30+ years proven and tested solution we give to our clients.

Debt Free in 18-36 months

Most settlements occur within 18-36 months of a program.

We arrange and negotiate for you

Coordination and negotiations are key to reducing debt balances with your creditors. We have relationships with creditors which help in negotiations.

Lessen the Amount You Pay Off

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One Regular And Affordable Monthly Payment

We will create a budget in order to determine the amount we can use each month for the settlement of your debts.

Negotiate Penalties and Interest

We include penalties and interest in our negotiations.

Controlling collection communications

With our Power of Attorney, we are able to control most collector communications.

This Program is NOT FOR YOU IF...

  • You are looking for a loan from us.
  • You do not have a valid hardship in paying your debts.
  • You have NOT previously made payments to your creditors.
  • Your accounts are from another person or an individual.
  • Your accounts are secured.
  • Your accounts are from Government.
  • You have written postdated checks.
  • You DO NOT have an ability to pay.
  • Your accounts are already in legal status.
  • You DO NOT have the patience with the program.

The program is NOT a safe haven for people who cannot pay their debts.

It is also
not an overnight solution.


5⭐ reviews

Lucia N

Debt Free Since 2020

Debt Aid Consulting changed our lives! Even if we haven’t fully paid our Program it still feels great to wake up each morning without any phone calls harassing you. We are feeling at peace each and evervday! And this is the best decision we’ve ever made. The counselling sessions have also thought us so many things on how to handle our finances. We will forever be grateful with Debt Aid Consulting.

Catherine G

Debt Free Since 2021

Absolutely wonderful experience working with Debt Aid Consulting. The light at the end of the tunnel has come. A completely euphoric feeling to actually be debt free. I can’t say enough, these employees, these caring people, worked closely with me for the best possible outcome. I am truly satisfied. Every transaction was laid out clearly for me to understand. I am happy and satisfied, thank you Debt Aid Consulting.

Stephanie J

Debt Aid Since 2022

I highly recommend Debt Aid Consulting International. They are very open and forthcoming with information with monthly updates. In addition, the company was more than helpful with an exceedingly problematic and nasty debt collector. I’m so happy I decided to go this route instead of filing for bankruptcy; it’s easily one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

Marcelina L

Debt Free Since 2022

This company is very helpful! My mom is currently going in debt and called for consultation. Ms. Adelie is very nice and honest, she explained that my mom’s case didn’t qualify for consolidation but she still managed to called me and explained what I have to do. Highly recommended and excellent customer service!

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